Anaerobic Workstations

Microbiology International offers several different sizes of anaerobic incubators.

The Whitley Workstation DG 250 anaerobic chamber has a 250 plate capacity and features port hole doors that operate as miniature airlocks. This chamber is virtually maintenance free along with an integrated humidity control and Anotox will protect the catalyst and eliminates the need for baking, which is common for other anaerobic incubator units that are available. The entire Whitley cabinet also serves as an incubator, no need for extra space to be taken up by internal tri-gas incubators. The Whitley Workstation A85 has a large, 540 plate capacity and can also come with a transfer airlock. Our largest anaerobic glove box, the Whitley Workstation A95, is twice the size of the Whitley Workstation A85 chamber and can accommodate 2 users. The newest addition to the Whitley family of anaerobic products is the Whitley A55 anaerobic workstation with dual temperature zones to accommondate multiple users. Our Whitley Workstation anaerobic systems can greatly reduce your processing costs from dollars to cents.


Whitley Workstation A55

Multiuser Anaerobic Chamber

The Whitley A55 Anaerobic Workstation accommodates up to two technicians simultaneously and provides a huge working capacity of up to 1400 x 90 mm plates. Optional dual temperature control allows user to select two different temperatures for each side of the workstation.

Whitley Workstation A45

Large Anaerobic Workstation

The A45 Anaerobic Workstation has three gloveless/sleeveless ports for convenient user access to the entire incubation and working areas with a capacity of up to 750 x 90 mm plates.

Whitley Workstation A35 HEPA

Standard Anaerobic Workstation with HEPA filtration

The A35 HEPA Anaerobic Workstation has a capacity of up to 600 x 90 mm plates, with an industry first HEPA filtration system which provides levels of atmospheric cleanliness inside the workstation exceeding the requirements of ISO 14644 Class 3.


Whitley Workstation A35

Standard Anaerobic Workstation

The Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation has two gloveless/sleeveless ports with a capacity of up to 600 x 90 mm plates.

Whitley Workstation A95

Large Don Whitley Anaerobic Workstation

The Whitley A95 Anaerobic Workstation is the largest model in our range with a huge capacity of up to 1400 x 90 mm plates, accommodates up to two technicians simultaneously and has a large 30 liter transfer airlock.

Whitley Workstation A85

Anaerobic Workstation with Refrigeration

The Whitley A85 Anaerobic Workstation has two gloveless ports with a capacity of up to 700 x 90 mm plate and large 30 liter transfer airlock.

Whitley Workstation M35

Whitley Workstation M35

The Whitley M35 is a microaerophilic workstation ideal for the study and isolation of Campylobacter spp, Helicobacter pylori and other similarly fastidious organisms. This is a 4-gas system with built-in gas sensing technology that allows you to program precise gas concentrations and is perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable microaerophilic environment.

Whitley Workstation DG250

Affordable Anaerobic Cabinet

The Whitley DG250 Anaerobic Workstation is our entry level cabinet with two gloveless ports and a capacity of up to 270 x 90 mm plates. Its small footprint makes it easy to integrate into any laboratory.

EZ-Campy System

Jar Gassing System

Created for labs with limited anaerobic or microaerobic samples, the EZ-Campy System dramatically reduces running costs when compared with using gas generating envelopes. Creates perfect conditions for growing anaerobes or microaerophiles in just 2 minutes for pennies per cycle.