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  • EZ-Campy System

    Campylobacter jejuni is a Gram-negative microaerophilic organism, which means it has a requirement for reduced levels of oxygen. It is relatively fragile, and sensitive to environmental stresses (e.g ., 21% oxygen, drying, heating, disinfectants, acidic conditions). Because of its microaerophilic characteristics the organism requires 3 to 5% oxygen and 2 to 10% carbon dioxide for optimal growth conditions. This bacterium is now recognized as an important enteric pathogen.

    Surveys have shown that C. jejuni is the leading cause of bacterial diarrheal illness in the United States. It causes more disease than Shigella spp. and Salmonella spp. combined.

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    • Create a microaerophilic environment perfect for Campylobacter in just 15 seconds
    • Reduces cost compared to gas generating envelopes
    • Perfect for the culture of small numbers of microaerophiles
    • Eliminates need for gas packs
    • Full color touch screen display with real time monitoring
    • Optional printer for traceability
    • Automatic detection of jar leakage
    • Your current jars can be adapted for use with our system
    • Easily access, add or remove plates from your jars, replace lid and run a new cycle
    • Easily access, add or remove plates from your jars, replace lid and run a new cycle
    • Incorporates PIN code protected user access levels for additional security
    • Small foot print, saves bench space


    How does the EZ-Campy System work?

    For microaerophilic conditions the EZ-Campy System removes half the air in the jar one time and replaces this with anaerobic gas mixture.

    Is a Jar Gassing System right for me?

    While obligate anaerobes should be processed using an anaerobic workstation, a jar gassing system is suitable for facultative anaerobes and microaerophiles. The evacuation and replacement method is considered to be the most efficient way to create microaerophilic conditions within a gas jar. The EZ-Campy System produces conditions this way without any of the disadvantages of gas generating envelopes. There is no chemical waste and condensation levels are much lower, so plates are more convenient to handle and read following incubation.


    EZ Campy System
    (W x D x H) mm
    200 x 400 x 350
    WeightKg - lbs 16.6 - 36.5
    Gas Requirements 1 x ANO2
    (10% H2, 10% CO2, 80% N2)
    Gas Consumption
    (on average)
    Varies depending on use
    Power Requirements 110 V, 50-60 Hz
    Regulator Outlet Range 2-6 bar (30-90psi)
    Stainless Steel Jars
    9-Plate 48-Plate
    Overall Height 220 mm 330 mm
    Internal Depth 140 mm 250 mm
    Maximum Diameter 185 mm 255 mm
    Internal Diameter
    155 mm 215 mm
    Capacity 3 Liters 10 Liters
    Weight 1.2 kg 2.7 kg

    **Microbiology International does not recommend jar gassing systems for the isolation of obligate anaerobes. Anaerobic jar gassing systems require users to inoculate samples and handle the agar plates on the bench at atmospheric oxygen levels which can reduce the recovery rates for a range of clinically significant strict anaerobes. Jar gassing systems are suitable for facultative anaerobes and microaerophilic samples. An anaerobic workstation is recommended for strict anaerobic samples to insure maximum recovery, isolation and identification.


    Microbiology International offers two different types of anaerobic jars, plastic or stainless steel, that are compatible with your EZ-Campy System. The plastic jars have a 9-plate capacity and the lids are fitted with carrier clips for catalyst sachets used for anaerobic cycles. The jars will vent automatically if too much pressure is applied.

    Plastic Anaerobic Jars

    The stainless steel jars are available with a 9-plate capacity or 48-plate capacity. They are the most durable jars offered, and are constructed to last sample after sample. The lids are fitted with carrier clips for catalyst sachets used for anaerobic cycles. The jars will vent automatically if too much pressure is applied.

    Stainless Steel Anaerobic Jars

    Printer for printing out data for traceability and accreditation purposes

    Whitley jar gassing system

    Also Available

    Adaptor kit for jars fitted with pre-drilled holes

    Oxiod low temperature catalyst (pack of 5)

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    Whitley Jar Gassing System

    Whitley Jar Gassing System

  • Our standard anaerobic chamber with HEPA filtration.

    Our standard anaerobic chamber with HEPA filtration.

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    Microbiology International can now offer the unique Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System to provide a high degree of product/sample protection on Whitley Anaerobic Workstations. HEPA fitted workstations are ideal for use as part of a pharmaceutical manufacturing process, for the cultivation of slow-growing anaerobes, or for applications requiring complex manipulations under anaerobic conditions (ie biochemical assays).

    Using innovative circulation technology, all the atmosphere in the chamber passes through the filter every four seconds, quickly creating and maintaining a particle-free environment (tested down to 0.3μm – exceeding ISO 14644 Class 3, as referenced in the Cell Tissue Culture Directive, or Class 1 of US Federal Standard 209E). Unlike some other systems, Microbiology International integrates the filter within the workstation.

    To introduce samples or equipment, the built-in, 12 liter, rapid-cycle airlock has the capacity to introduce up to 40 Petri dishes into the workstation in 60 seconds. There is also the option to specify the 15cm letterbox, ideal for quickly transferring all sizes of dishes and small items.

    Whatever your application, we can tailor the Whitley A35 Workstation to your requirements. For example, if you want to be able to use electrical equipment inside the chamber, you could include the option of a built-in, interior electrical socket. If you require the ability to thoroughly sanitize your workstation between experiments or need to introduce large items of equipment, you may want to specify the removable front option.

    A35 Front Options

    From a relatively small footprint we have been able to maximize incubation capacity to create the perfect environment, whether for a few plates or hundreds of plates.

    The Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation is the latest innovation in workstation technology from Don Whitley Scientific. Complete with a built-in, rapid airlock and intuitive touch-screen control panel, this new workstation allows you to work completely glove and sleeve-free.

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    HEPA Anaerobic Workstation


    Rather than use ‘off-the-shelf’ filters, the Whitley HEPA Filtration System uses filters designed specifically for the product in conjunction with one of the world’s leading filter manufacturers.
    Fitted with patented oval ports, equipped with sleeves and cuffs, which provide greater freedom of movement and operator comfort.
    Automated humidity control with no user maintenance
    Rapid, built-in airlock with mechanical and electrical interlocks - no risk of compromising conditions inside the chamber
    Touch-screen interface with password protected user levels
    Dual gas operation and automatic commissioning cycle
    Constructed from 10mm thick annealed acrylic, most robust chambers available
    Tangential fans create laminar flow in chamber, internal atmosphere is constantly being circulated over catalyst, Anotox, and heating mat for a consistent and strictly anaerobic environment
    Double internal power socket, 2 Amp max
    Accommodates up to 600 plates with ample work space, three porthole doors
    Gas requirements: 1 x ANO2 = 10% H2, 10% CO2, 80% N2 -OR- 1 x ANO2 and Nitrogen
    No requirement to bake catalyst, simply replace catalyst and Anotox annually
    Available removable front that can be removed and replaced in 30 seconds without the use of tools. This allows for thorough cleaning or installation of larger equipment
    The Whitley A35 is available with custom port options. The two ports can be either rapid entry or conventional sleeved ports by choosing the removable front option.


    Anaerobic Conditions
    Monitoring System
    This factory-fitted option monitors and displays real time oxygen levels within the workstation. Depending on the percentage of oxygen present, the chamber/airlock symbol on the touch screen will read green, yellow or red. The electronic Anaerobic Conditions Monitoring System is complete with oxygen sensor and a special software package. The oxygen sensor is located inside the chamber for accurate, real-time readings. The sensor is easily and quickly calibrated via the touch screen.

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    Gas Pressure Monitor
    Designed as a method of monitoring the gas supply. The system will indicate the status of both sides of the switchover: FULL – IN SERVICE, and DEPLETED. When a cylinder or cylinder bank is depleted, the green light will change to a red light, and the audible alarm will sound.
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    15cm Letterbox
    Ideal for quickly introducing small quanitites of samples and supplies

    Spare Cable Gland
    Used to accommodate a power or data cable without affecting the chamber conditions

    Data Logging
    Access temperature, humidity, chamber pressure and anaerobic conditions. Stores up to 30 days of system information, accessed via USB port.

    Custom-designed trolley frees up bench space and allows the chamber to be moved

    Internal Storage Trays
    Maximum 2 per unit; positioned under the shelf

    10 Plate Dish Rack
    Easily stack and move 10 petri dishes. Prevents spills with a rigid design


    Capacity (Liters) 300
    Capacity (Petri Dishes) 400 - 600
    Port/Airlock Capacity 40 x 90mm Petri dishes
    Airlock Size 12 liters
    Refrigeration Not available
    HEPA Filtration Fitted as standard
    Airlock Cycle Time 60 seconds
    Automatic Dehumidifier Fitted as standard
    Removable Front Option Available
    Dimensions (w/d/h - mm) 1255 x 720 x 710
    Weight (lbs/kg) 220 / 100
    Temperature Range (°C) 10°C above ambient up to 45°C
    Porthole System Manual Sleeved Ports
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    Whitley HEPA Filtration System

    Whitley HEPA Filtration System

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    Dr Jane Freeman from Leeds General Infirmary

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    Removable Front

    Removable front

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