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  • Leibinger Jet3 Printer

    The JET3 printer connects seamlessly to the MediaFill plate pourer, providing your lab with total traceability by printing directly on the sides of Petri dishes as they are filled automatically by MediaFill. The JET3 can print up to 2 lines of text/data, barcodes and even images on the sides of dishes.


    Compact, ergonomic design
    Smaller footprint
    No noxious smell due to recirculation of solvent – EcoSolv
    Simple, intuitive programming
    Fast start up for operation
    Connection to LIMS
    Print images as well as characters


    Flexible Integration in your Lab

    Numerous interfaces on the back of the printer make integration of the printer very easy. The JET3 offers connections for USB, Ethernet and digital I/O.

    Easy Handling

    The Windows-based interface provides for intuitive operation of the printer. The great variety of functions are clearly shown on the 10.4” touch display

    Reliable and Ready for Use

    The highest level of reliability is guaranteed with the automatic JET3 nozzle seal which closes the nozzle and return-line after shutdown. No drying or clogging can occur due to the closed ink circuit. Even after long-term shutdowns, clogging caused by dried ink can never happen with the JET3.

    By pressing only one button, the printer starts and the nozzle seal opens automatically. JET3 is ready to print in one minute.


    The minimal use of ink, solvent, energy as well as minimal maintenance provide the highest level of efficiency.


    All Jet3 printers come standard with EcoSolv - solvent recycling system, which drastically reduces solvent consumption. The system condenses evaporated solvent and transfers it back to the reservoir tank, reducing solvent consumption by more than 50%.

    No Fumes

    EcoSolv also minimizes noxious odors from being released into your laboratory.

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    Jet3 Ink MSDS Jet3 Solvent MSDS

  • Laboratory Media Preparator
    Type MP-10 MP-20 MP-30 MP-45 MP-65 MP-90 MP-120
    (L x W x H in mm)
    635 x 555 x 480 635 x 555 x 715 635 x 555 x 915 780 x 550 x 1080 780 x 550 x 1210 895 x 650 x 1110 895 x 650 x 1240
    Chamber dimensions
    (Ø x H in mm)
    296 x 250 296 x 450 296 x 650 400 x 488 400 x 693 500 x 615 500 x 795
    Inner vessel dimensions 266 x 222 266 x 422 266 x 622 366 x 452 366 x 657 467 x 572 467 x 752
    Power Requirement
    (Volts / Amps)
    220 / 20 3 x 230 / 20 3 x 230 / 30 3 x 230 / 50 3 x 230 / 50 3 x 230 / 50 3 x 230 / 50
    Weight (kg) 67.5 91 112 230 275 326 382
    Technical Drawings

    Systec MediaPrep Features

    Automated sterilization of media from small to large scale operations. Seven models available from 10 - 120 liters. Systec MediaPrep is capable of sterilizing agar and cooling the media in less than 90 minutes.

    systec media preparator

    Featured Systec MediaPrep and MediaFill Video

    Systec MediaPrep MediaFill Video

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Media Preparator Sterilization Chamber

Microprocessor Controlled

  • The sterilization cycle is fully programmable by the user.
  • User defined parameters include agar sterilization temperature, time and pouring temperature. PT100 probe directly measures temperature of media throughout the prepatory cycle.
  • Detailed batch information (time / temperature / pressure) is available directly from the optional ticket printer or via connection to external PC using ADS software.

Powerfull heating elements enable particularly rapid heating to be carried out. Rapid cooling is performed by water circulation and support presssure directly at the external walls of the media vessel using sterilized demineralized water. The water is brought to cooling temperature using a plate heat exchanger with a water connection. The total process time including heating, sterilizing and cooling to 50° C lasts from 60 – 120 minutes, depending on the size of the vessel, the quantity of media and the temperature of cooling water. The support pressure avoids an overboiling respectively foaming of the media.


Fully Automated Operation

The MediaPrep agar sterilizer system will automatically fill with the correct amount of distilled water (for steam generation) prior to start of each cycle. The stirrer at the bottom of the removable media vessel mixes continuously throughout the sterilization cycle ensuring homogenous media. Rapid cooling is achieved via a sterile water dispensing ring that cools the media vessel after sterilization. Thermo labile components may be added after sterilization by utilizing the addition port.

An automatic process guarantees uniform, high and reproducible quality of the prepared and sterilized media. The entire process – from initial heating to mixing and sterilization at a set temperature to cooling – is microprocessor-controlled. In addition, the temperature to be maintained after sterilization can be pre-selected.

Sterilizing Liquid Media
Dispensing Sterile Liquid Media

Media Dispensing

Media can be dispensed utilizing one of Microbiology International’s peristaltic pumps. For high volume dispensing the MediaPrep can be pressurized and connected to the HFD dispenser allowing flow rates of 100 ml / second.

The prepared and sterile medium is withdrawn via a flexible tube, supported either by adjustable internal pressure in the chamber and dosed via a tube valve or by a separate peristaltic filling pump. Direct connection of a filling device for petri dishes is also possible.

The internal withdrawal tube and the dispensing port are automatically steam-sterilized during every sterilization run via a patented connecting device. The part of the tube outside the vessel has to be pre-sterilized separately and connected under sterile conditions.

The filling station for additives subsequent to sterilization is generously dimensioned and has a safety lock. A permanent screw connection guarantees safe and sterile withdrawal of the medium.



MediaPrep Model MediaPrep 10 MediaPrep 20 MediaPrep 30 MediaPrep 45 MediaPrep 65 MediaPrep 90 MediaPrep 120
Chamber dimensions
(diameter x depth) mm
296 x 250 296 x 450 296 x 650 400 x 488 400 x 693 500 x 615 500 x 795
Chamber Volume (Liters) 12 23 34 50 74 101 133
External Dimensions
(W x D x H) mm
550 x 655 x 530 550 x 655 x 765 550 x 655 x 965 550 x 775 x 1000 550 x 775 x 1130 650 x 895 x 1030 650 x 895 x 1160
Max. working chamber pressure(bar) -1 to +4 -1 to +4 -1 to +4 -1 to +4 -1 to +4 -1 to +4 -1 to +4
Max. working chamber temp. (Celsius) -10 to 150 -10 to 150 -10 to 150 -10 to 150 -10 to 150 -10 to 150 -10 to 150
Heating Capacity (Watts) 3600 8000 10,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
Voltage (Volts) 220 3 x 220 3 x 220 3 x 220 3 x 220 3 x 220 3 x 220
Power Requirement (Amps) 20 30 30 50 50 50 50
Weight (kg) 80 105 125 155 175 190 210
Necessary Connections Tap water, DI water, Drain

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