Anaerobic workstation remote access

Remote access to Whitley Anaerobic Workstations

Have you ever wanted to check the status of your Whitley Anaerobic Workstation when you were away from the lab? Well now you can. Most of our new workstations are Ethernet-enabled so you can remotely access the touch-screen control panel from the other side of the building, or even from the other side of the world. This allows you to check the current operating conditions of the workstation and, if activated, view any of the graphical screens. If necessary, you can then make changes to the parameters, i.e. temperature, humidity, O2 and CO2 levels from wherever, whenever!

Which Whitley Workstations have remote access capability?

Our full line of new anaerobic workstations that have a touch screen control panel, come with this feature ready to enable by a service engineer.

Are there any particular IT requirements that I should be aware of?

As a network connection is required, your IT department will need to be notified. Enabling remote access and connecting the ananerobic workstation to a stand alone router will allow you remote access from within range of the router's wirless signal. For more advanced configurations, it is possible to remote control the touch screen from anywhere with an internet connection. If you have specific questions about the requirements, you can contact us (with your machine’s serial number) and we will be glad to help.

Anaerobic workstation remote access warning
Anaerobic workstation touch screen

I have one of these workstations and would like to use this feature – can I activate it?

As long as your workstation was installed after January 2012 and has a 7” touch-screen, you should be able to activate remote access. All that is required is a visit from one of our service engineers to configure and set up the network connections. It is recommended to coordinate this visit with your IT staff so they are available in case of any issues.

Can I access anything else besides the touch screen control?

When we enable remote access we can also enable the FTP server within the workstation. This gives you access to historical data such as humidity, temperature, and gas levels. This information can be downloaded to another PC on your network and charted into a report and/or archived for record keeping purposes. If there are security concerns with enabling an FTP server, you can still download this data via a USB memory stick.