The Whitley Petrifoto System is a fantastic new accessory for the range of Whitley Workstations. The product fits inside a workstation and enables you to take detailed photographs of organisms growing on Petri dishes during incubation. This is ideal when colony development needs capturing throughout the incubation cycle and is a great tool for teaching and documentation.

The system uses a quality Canon compact digital camera with auto focus, a wide angle zoom lens and a 12.1 megapixel high resolution sensor, all designed to elicit a good quality image from even the most amateur of photographers. The camera can also be used independently of the imaging system, either inside or outside the workstation.

This robust unit is small enough to pass through the airlock on the Whitley A35 and A45 Workstations but is large enough to feature an innovative lighting system. The 3D light box contains 64 long life LEDs to provide even illumination. It has underside and side lighting that can be controlled independently to accommodate all agar and colony types. The Petrifoto System comes with an SD memory card and is compatible with Eye-Fi wireless memory cards to allow automatic image transmission to an external PC or MAC. This product can be retrofitted using the spare cable gland on your workstation.

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Petrifoto plate imaging system Petrifoto plate image