• Anaerobic Workstations

    Anaerobic Workstations

    Our anaerobic chambers will accommodate the needs of any researcher who relies on stable anaerobic environments.

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  • Laboratory Autoclaves

    Laboratory Autoclaves

    Are you sterilizing properly? Take the guess work out of sterilization and use Systec autoclaves for traceable results.

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  • Chromogenic Media

    Chromogenic Media

    We offer a quicker and simpler detection of key clinical and food-borne pathogens.

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  • MediaBox™


    MediaBox™ is a cost-effective, easy to use, solution for any laboratory requiring liquid culture media on demand.

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  • WASP2 and Protocol 3

    WASP2 and Protocol 3

    The perfect combination for spiral plating and colony counting.

    WASP2Protocol 3
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Welcome to Microbiology International

Our equipment quickly automates tedious, manual lab processes and when combined with our ability to provide customized culture media products, we are able to make your lab as efficient as possible. In short, we offer our clients... Global Innovation * Superior Support.

Our product line includes autoclaves, peristaltic pumps, anaerobic chambers, plate pourers, media preparators and stomachers.

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  • The main chamber is manufactured from single piece of seamless acrylic which provides excellent visibility, rigid structure and minimizes the possibility of gas leaks. Many options available.
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  • Microbiology International carries a complete line of laboratory sterilizer units including vertical autoclaves, benchtop autoclaves, high capacity autoclaves and double door autoclaves.
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  • Eliminate serial dilutions with the WASP spiral plater. Allows depositions onto 10 cm or 15 cm plates in logarithmic volumes of 50ul, 100ul, and 200ul and a linear deposition of up to 400ul.
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  • MediaBox is a cost effective, easy to use solution for any laboratory requiring on demand use of liquid culture media. MediaBox provides fresh, sterile media in an easy to handle, recyclable box.
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  • Available in seven different liter capacities: 10L, 20L, 30L 45L, 65L, 90L, and 120L. From small scale to large scale media preparation, we have a system to meet your needs.
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  • The Systec MediaFill is the perfect companion to our Systec MediaPrep media sterilizer. Connect your Systec MediaPrep to the MediaFill plate pourer for a sterile and walk away system.
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  • HEPA fitted workstations are ideal for use as part of a pharmaceutical manufacturing process, for the cultivation of slow-growing anaerobes, or requiring complex manipulations
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  • Colony Counters offered by Microbiology International are the most advanced available. Our Protocol 3 automated colony counter is equipped with a unique detection system.
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Welcome to Microbiology International

Microbiology International

Microbiology International specializes in autoclaves, colony counters, peristaltic pumps, anaerobic chambers, gravimetric diluters, plate pourers, media preparators and stomachers as well as other automation equipment used in microbiological laboratories. We also provide laboratories with the most innovative automation equipment as well as the highest quality rapid detection kits and consumable products for pathogen detection available worldwide. Our equipment quickly automates tedious, manual lab processes and when combined with our ability to provide customized culture media products, we are able to make your lab as efficient as possible. In short, we offer our clients... Global Innovation * Superior Support TM
Our equipment product line includes autoclaves, anaerobic chambers, colony counters, peristaltic pumps, plate pourers, media preparators and lab blender.

About Us


Featured Client Quotes

The Systec MediaPrep and MediaFill allow us to produce different types of media for plates right away instead of trying to order from an outside vendor that could take a while. It gives us a lot of flexibility of time. The systems are easy to use and reliable.

Brooks Wong
Microbiology Supervisor
USDA-FSIS Alameda Laboratory


With C. diff. being a larger problem than it used to be, we are seeing a real uptick in the number of companies interested in it, thus explaining our need for the A35 workstation, as jars are just too cumbersome for our volume.

When to make that decision to switch from a jar to a workstation: once you have so many jars that it becomes unmanageable, and you run out of incubator space to cultivate those jars, you really need a chamber.

Bill Weiss
Director of Pre-Clinical Services
University of North Texas

20,000 lbs of frozen pizza recalled over listeria fears

By Johanzynn Gatewood, CNN

Click here to read the original article on CNN.com

More than 21,000 pounds of frozen pizzas are being recalled due to possible listeria contamination, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Wednesday.

pizzaRBR Meat Company Inc. recalled its Marketside supreme frozen pizza, which may have been "adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes," according to FSIS. The pizzas were sold at select Walmart stores in a 50.6-oz. box containing single shrink-wrapped 16-inch pizzas labeled as "Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza," with lot code 20547.

During routine sampling, FSIS discovered the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. "There are no confirmed reports of adverse reactions from consumption of the pizzas at this time," according to the recall announcement.

This recall is a Class I recall, which means it is "a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death," according to the USDA.

FSIS urges consumers who have bought the product to not eat it. They advise throwing away the pizzas or returning them to the place of purchase.

The pizzas were shipped to Walmart distribution centers in California, Nevada, Utah and Washington.

Listeriosis is a serious infection usually caused by eating contaminated food and can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women and older people. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches and sometimes diarrhea or other gastrointestinal problems, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Click here to read the full article 

Need to improve your lab's pathogen testing? We can help

Featured Videos

Don Whitley Anaerobic Workstation

An Introduction to Whitley Workstations

The Whitley A-Series Anaerobic Workstations are the latest innovation in workstation technology from Don Whitley Scientific. All sizes come complete with a built-in, rapid airlock, intuitive touch-screen control panel, and your choice of rapid-entry ports or sleeve-gassing entry ports. These new workstations ensure a strict anaerobic environment.

WASP Touch Spiral Plater

WASP Touch - Spiral Plater

WASP Touch is a new spiral plater, designed for the needs of modern microbiology laboratories. This is a fundamentally different plater with no need for a separate vacuum source. The system is extremely simple to use and provides real cost savings and process improvements. Now it really is time to eliminate serial dilutions!

A45 Anaerobic Workstation

Whitley Workstation A45 - Testimonial Video

Dr Thuy Do, Lecturer in Microbiology at The University of Leeds uses an A45 Anaerobic Chamber to compliment her research of the oral microbiome under specific levels of oxygen which are physiologically relevant to her work.

Systec Laboratory Autoclaves

Systec Laboratory Autoclaves

Microbiology International carries a complete line of laboratory sterilizers including vertical, bench top, high capacity, double door or pass through autoclaves, and specially designed BSL-3 Autoclaves.

MediaBox Sterile Liquid Solutions

MediaBox™ Sterile Liquid Solutions

MediaBox is a cost-effective, easy to use, solution for any laboratory requiring liquid culture media on demand. MediaBox provides fresh, sterile media in an easy-to-handle, stackable storage box with an internal bladder.

Whitley HEPA Filtration System

Whitley HEPA Filtration System

Using innovative circulation technology, all the atmosphere in the chamber passes through the filter every four seconds, quickly creating and maintaining a particle-free environment (tested down to 0.3μm – exceeding ISO 14644 Class 3, as referenced in the Cell Tissue Culture Directive, or Class 1 of US Federal Standard 209E)

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