peristaltic pump,

  • EZ-Dispense

    Peristaltic Pump

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    EZ-Dispense Features

    - Single pump head with 3 rollers
    - Rotating button for easy navigation and program settings
    - Flow rate up to 1.25 L/min
    - Delivered with one dispensing assembly (3.2 mm ID tubing)
    - Select between 3 dispensing modes and 32 available programs with the digital control screen
    - Adapted to several dispensing modes with optional handy gun
    - Up to 1% precision; dispense from 50 ul to 99 L
    - Fast and easy calibration with step-by-step instructions on screen
    - 3 distribution modes:
    Dose (predetermined volume),
    Multi-Dose (pre-determined volume with a pause in between each dose)
    - Compliant with ISO 6887-1 and ISO 7218

    EZ-Dispense Pro

    The EZ-Dispense Pro offers the same conveniences of the EZ-Dispense with additional features for high performance and traceability.

    EZ-Dispense Pro Features

    - Double pump head with 6 rollers offers low pulsation for higher accuracy and flow rate
    - Delivered with 2 split dispensingassemblies (3.2 and 6.4 inner diameter tubes)
    - Flow rate up to 2.5 L/min
    - Full traceability with printer and USB connection

    Peristaltic Pump traceability
    Peristaltic Pump dispensing attachment

    Foot switch - For easy operation
    Handy Gun - For easy dispensing; can be held in three positions (pen,mouse or gun) for tubes, Petri dishes, bottles and larger containers
    Adjustable Dispensing arm - For clamp fixing
    Thermal Printer - For traceability, prints output of dispensing and calibration data (time, date, and operator name) to trace batches (option for Pro model only)

  • VS 602


    Controlled Vacuum Source

    The controlled Vacuum Source offers the flexibility and performance to suit a range of laboratory applications anywhere in the world. The unit is robust and simple to operate, incorporating advanced technical features for improved control. It is the perfect companion to the WASP automatic spiral plater!

    VS602 Brochure VS602 Assembly Instructions
    602 Vacuum Source
    Power Supply 100-230 V @ 50Hz - 60Hz
    Programable Vacuum
    0 - 20" Hg
    Automation Features
    Liquid level sensor, Auto shut off
    Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 205mm x 200mm x 255mm
    Weight in kg 2.5