Automated Colony Counters

Colony counters offered by Microbiology International are the most advanced available. Our ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counters are equipped with a unique detection system, a powerful software and digital camera control, as well as LED illumination. ProtoCOL 3 colony counters come standard with a built in computer, minimizing the foot print on the lab bench compared to other colony counters available. There are several software modules to suit almost any application requirement. The ProtoCOL 3 colony counters will count accurately and reliably; image and information regarding the counts are stored securely in a database. Our cost-efficient colony counter, the aCOLyte 3, connects directly to an already existing computer and is suitable for basic bacterial enumeration on standard Petri plates. This colony counter is a must have for labs on a budget that demand the accuracy, repeatability and consistency achieved through use of an automatic colony counter.

ProtoCOL 3

Protocol 3 Colony Counter

Colony counting has reached a new generation with the introduction of the ProtoCOL 3. This ground breaking instrument takes colony counters to a new level with its unique functionality and performance.

Protos 3

Protos 3 Colony Counter

Protos 3 is a revolutionary automated colony counter and chromogenic identification system. Protos 3 counts colonies in seconds and automatically identifies microbial species by their color on chromogenic plates.

aCOLyte 3

Acolyte 3 Colony Counter

Our most economical colony counter. aCOLyte 3 provides a solution for basic bacterial enumeration on standard 100mm Petri dishes. aCOLytes 3's software utlizes a simple interface which provides count information. aCOLyte 3 is connected to a PC via a standard USB port.