Peristaltic Pump

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EZ-Dispense Features

- Single pump head with 3 rollers
- Rotating button for easy navigation and program settings
- Flow rate up to 1.25 L/min
- Delivered with one dispensing assembly (3.2 mm ID tubing)
- Select between 3 dispensing modes and 32 available programs with the digital control screen
- Adapted to several dispensing modes with optional handy gun
- Up to 1% precision; dispense from 50 ul to 99 L
- Fast and easy calibration with step-by-step instructions on screen
- 3 distribution modes:
Dose (predetermined volume),
Multi-Dose (pre-determined volume with a pause in between each dose)
- Compliant with ISO 6887-1 and ISO 7218

EZ-Dispense Pro

The EZ-Dispense Pro offers the same conveniences of the EZ-Dispense with additional features for high performance and traceability.

EZ-Dispense Pro Features

- Double pump head with 6 rollers offers low pulsation for higher accuracy and flow rate
- Delivered with 2 split dispensingassemblies (3.2 and 6.4 inner diameter tubes)
- Flow rate up to 2.5 L/min
- Full traceability with printer and USB connection

Peristaltic Pump traceability
Peristaltic Pump dispensing attachment

Foot switch - For easy operation
Handy Gun - For easy dispensing; can be held in three positions (pen,mouse or gun) for tubes, Petri dishes, bottles and larger containers
Adjustable Dispensing arm - For clamp fixing
Thermal Printer - For traceability, prints output of dispensing and calibration data (time, date, and operator name) to trace batches (option for Pro model only)