Lab Blenders

We offer lab blender units and stomachers for all applications and budgets such as the EZ-Mix 400 sample preparation unit, which is our most economical lab blender and features paddle blending technology as well as an electronically protected motor and stainless steel construction. The next step up in bag mixers is the EZ-Mix 3500. The EZ-Mix 3500 lab blender has an innovative design with sound-proof technology, making it the quietest of all lab blender products! The EZ-Mix 3500 also features an integrated waste drawer and an accessible blending chamber for easy cleaning.

EZ-Mix 400

EZ Mix 400 Lab Blender

The EZ-Mix 400 lab blenders guarantee an optimal extraction in less than 60 seconds. The homogenized sample is representative of the global contamination of the sample and ready to be analyzed.

EZ-Mix 3500

EZ Mix 3500 Lab Blender

The EZ-Mix 3500 enables the quick homogenizing of large samples up to 400g. Avoiding all risks of cross-contamination, it is an easy-to-use and powerful lab homogenizer. To improve blending efficiency and lower preparation time, it is equipped with patented adjustable paddles.

Blender Bags

Lab Blender Disposable Bags

Microbiology International carries a variety of lab blender bags for use with the EZ-Mix series of lab blenders. Choose from four different types and several different sizes specific to your application.