Affordable Colony Counting

aCOLyte 3 is the latest affordable, automated colony counting device from Synbiosis. The aCOLyte 3 is available in one configuration and features new simple-to-use software that greatly improves efficiency, reliability and productivity over previous models.

The new aCOLyte 3 software uses a powerful new algorithm for colony counting on pour and spiral plates which until now, were only found on the advanced ProtoCOL 3 models. Plates are automatically counted with results directly transferred to Excel or Open office.

The new style aCOLyte 3, recognizable by its black and silver color, accepts plates up to 90mm diameter. Lighting is provided by LEDs mounted above and below the sample area for both transmitted and epi illumination. A detachable shield can be used to eliminate strong ambient light if required.

aCOLyte 3 can be used with any conforming laptop or desktop PC and connects simply by using a USB port.

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aCOLyte 3 can be used for total viable counts in many environmental, food monitoring, pharmaceutical, clinical, and molecular biology applications.

  • E.coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Salmonella spp, and mixed organisms on plate count or nutrient agar.
  • Staphylococcus aureus, and mixed organisms on plate count agar, columbia blood agar, or nutrient agar.
  • E.coli on LB medium, and yeast on potato dextrose agar.

Technical Information

PC connection
USB 2.0
For standard 90mm petri dishes, smallest detectable colony better than 0.1mm
Long-life upper and lower LED arrays with darkfield and brightfield
Power input
Minimum PC
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 or Core i processor 2.13 GHz or better
  • 2Gb RAM, 4Gb recommended
  • CD-Rom drive (required for software installation)
  • 2 free independent USB 2.0 ports, at least one of which supports hi-speed mode.
    Note that there are three possible port speeds with USB 2.0: Lo-speed (1.5Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps) and hi-speed (up to 480Mbps).
    The aCOLyte camera requires a hi-speed port Graphics: Intel X4500 or better (Windows 7 Experience rating for graphics should be a minimum of 3.0, ideally higher)
    Hard drive: 160GB (or larger)
  • Operating system: Operating system: Windows 7/10 compatible
    (Home versions not suitable, Windows Vista not supported)
    Monitor: 1280 x 1024 minimum resolution (not comptabile with lower resolutions as some elements of the application become inaccessible)
    Note: the combination of the minimum display resolution and the USB ports will preclude most laptops

Why buy this product?

Low Cost
aCOLyte is a low cost entry into electronic colony counting. Results and plate images are saved to a PC enabling traceability, consistency and report generation in Excel.
With the aCOLyte 3 HD plates can be counted rapidly. Typically plates can be counted accurately in under 1 second.
Image display
Unlike any manual system the aCOLyte 3 displays the image on your computer screen with counted colonies clearly marked. The zoom function allows the user to closely view plates, confirming accurate counting.
Powerful algorithm
The aCOLyte 3 uses the powerful Synbiosis algorithm for accurate counting. A colony separator automatically splits touching colonies to further improve the accuracy of the counting process.
Sensitive CCD camera
An integral CCD colour camera can be adjusted to increase the sensitivity of the detection, enabling colonies as small as 0.1mm to be imaged and counted.
Switchable lighting
The LED lighting can be switched from upper to lower options, enabling counting on both light and dark media.
MS SQL Server Express database automatically stores all data.
automatic colony counter with computer