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Microbiology International provides a full range of IQ OQ PQ services for its range of Systec autoclaves and Systec MediaPrep machines.

Our Qualification Services provide, at your location, the most efficient way to achieve and maintain compliance. In addition, we will provide full documentation by supplying reports on installation, operational and performance qualification of your equipment. 

What is performed during IQ OQ and PQ?

Installation Qualification (IQ):   This process reviews the pre-installation detail that the equipment, its component parts and location, are fit for the purpose and satisfy the objectives of the user to carry out the intended function to expected standards.
The IQ qualifies the equipment is installed correctly with proper facility supplies and connections.  This Pre-qualification checks that manufacturer’s documentation, conformity and calibration detail is present.

Operations Qualification (OQ):  This process is carried out at installation to verify the performance criteria presented by the manufacturer, to confirm the instrument satisfies its agreed metrics and is valid in the working environment by verification against traceable references.

Performance Qualification (PQ): This process refers to the test or validation protocol carried out by the user, offering documentary evidence that the instrument is maintaining the agreed values.