The Bobcat is a light-weight, portable, dry filter air sampler with a unique rapid filter elution kit. It is ideally suited for the collection of micron- and submicron-sized particles, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, molds and fungal spores, as well as non-biological particles from 0.01um to 10um+. Perfectly suited for use with rapid molecular analytical methods.

InnovaPrep Bobcat

Application fields

The Bobcat Air Sampler is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Covid-19 Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Animal Health 
  • Biosurveillance
  • Clinical Research
  • Agriculture Biosecurity
  • Metagenomics Research
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • First Responders


  • Lightweight, only 7.8 lbs with battery.
  • Built-in tripod.
  • Omni-directional aerosol inlet.
  • Built-in mass flow sensor for consistent sampling rates up to 200 LPM.
  • 4 programmable run modes allow the user to balance collection rate with battery life. Run modes can be factory customized for flow rate and time intervals.
  • Disposable, Single use filter and elutor components - no need for decontamination.
  • No liquids in the collector allow for use in extreme temperatures.
  • Eluting captured particles from the filter takes only seconds.
  • Controls can be manipulated with gloved hands, while in full NBC gear.
  • Rugged design for durability.
  • Optional remote trigger is available
InnovaPrep ACD-200 Bobcat

The Filters

The system uses a dry 52 mm electret filter as the collection media. Electret filters are made with a combination of positively and negatively charged fibers which substantially increases the collection efficiency and allows for the use of lower pressure drop filters which, in turn, allows for higher sampling rates for extended periods using battery power. Because no fluids are used in the system, it can operate at low temperatures; a limitation for most wet-wall cyclone type collectors.

Rapid sample recovery from the filter

The single-use filter and elution kit comes with everything you need for rapid sample recovery including: sample cup and lid, elutor adapter, and elution foam canister. Following aerosol collection, the filter is removed from the collector, snapped onto the sample cup and fitted with the elutor adapter. To extract the captured particles from the filter, the user presses the canister containing the Wet Foam Elution™ into the elutor adapter. The elution foam is released from the canister evenly through the filter. The wet foam passes through the interstitial spaces of the filter to efficiently extract any captured particles. Sample elution takes approximately 5 seconds and produces 6 to 7 milliliters of liquid sample. The foam immediately collapses back to a liquid in the sample cup, making it available for sample processing and analysis.


Model ACD-200 Bobcat

Size Weight Dimensions 17cm x 16cm x 30cm and 3.5kg (with battery)
Filter Size 4.5 cm diameter active filter in 6.0 cm diameter holder
Operating principle Electret filter media, built-in mass flow sensor for consistent sampling rates
Air Collection rate 100 or 200 LPM
Inlet Built-in omnidirectional aerosol inlet “Super-sampling inlet"
Collection efficiency 0.01 μm to 10.0 μm
Temp./humidity range Operating temp. -2°C to 60°Cin non-condensing environments Storage temp. -2°C to 40°C
Decontamination Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol wipe
Power Source Rechargeable 7.5 Ah Lithium Ion 28.8V or
4.8 Ah Nickel Metal Hydride 24V (2 each 12V sections) or
Universal wall supply: 82-265V (47-63 Hz).
Power Consumption Up to 14 hours on continuous mode or 6 days on extended run. Battery type dependent.
System controls Microprocessor controlled fan speed based on mass flow sensor. 5 Status lights with light discipline for military applications. 5 user-selectable run modes, and System Status check button
Package ABS and anodized aluminum, black oxide coated stainless steel hardware
Mounting Built-in tripod extends to 40”at inlet
Filter Recovery Method Wet Foam Elution
Final Sample volume 6 - 7 mL
Recovery efficiency 86-95%
Recovery time 20 seconds
Recovery equipment required Everything is included in disposable sampling kit
Recovery system power requirements None
Sample-to-sample carryover 0% (completely disposable)
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