Don Whitley Scientific has launched one of their most compact workstations yet, the Whitley A25 Workstation.

Don Whitley Scientific has launched one of their most compact workstations yet, the Whitley A25 Workstation.

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The A25 is equipped with many unique features to ensure easy and efficient use and to guarantee that the very best anaerobic conditions are maintained. It has a capacity of 200 Petri dishes while still leaving more than adequate space to process samples in a strictly controlled anaerobic environment.

This workstation is equipped with instant access ports and has a built-in, rapid airlock that can accommodate 20 x 90mm Petri dishes or 3 x 500 ml Duran bottles. The airlock allows items to be transferred into the workstation atmosphere in less than 20 seconds and the doors are interlocked and cannot be opened simultaneously.

Front loading and side loading letterbox entry systems are also available, providing a straightforward way to quickly introduce individual samples into the workstation. The A25 is fitted with a touch screen providing the user with an intuitive interface to control and operate the workstation.

From a relatively small footprint we have been able to maximize incubation capacity to create the perfect environment, whether for a few plates or hundreds of plates.



15cm Side
Entry Letterbox
Ideal for quickly introducing small quantities of samples and supplies

15cm Spare
Cable Gland
Used to accommodate a power or data cable without affecting the chamber conditions

Data Logging
Access temperature, humidity, chamber pressure and anaerobic conditions. Stores up to 30 days of system information, accessed via USB port.

9cm Front
Loading Letterbox
Ideal for quickly introducing small quantities of samples and supplies

Anaerobic Conditions
Monitoring System
This factory-fitted option monitors and displays real time oxygen levels within the workstation. Depending on the percentage of oxygen present, the chamber/airlock symbol on the touch screen will read green, yellow or red. The electronic Anaerobic Conditions Monitoring System is complete with oxygen sensor and a special software package. The oxygen sensor is located inside the chamber for accurate, real-time readings. The sensor is easily and quickly calibrated via the touch screen.

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Temperature Mapping
The process comprises calibration of the workstation temperature sensor and a comprehensive temperature profile of the entire working and incubation area. Data is collected from up to 12 sensors, traceable to national standards, positioned throughout the workstation chamber.

Single Point
Confirms, through measurements taken from a single position within the workstation incubation area, using a calibrated temperature probe traceable to national standards, that the workstation temperature is controlled and displayed within specified tolerances.

Catalyst Monitoring
A factory-fitted option for Whitley Anaerobic Workstations. It is set to conduct the test overnight so that when you arrive at the lab in the morning, a pop-up box on the touchscreen informs you of the status of the catalyst. This option can be used either on its own or in conjunction with the Whitley Anaerobic Conditions Monitor, which provides continuous monitoring of the level of oxygen present in the workstation.


Dimensions 790mm x 720mm x 710mm (WxDxH)
Weight 163lbs / 74kgs
Temperature Range 5ºC above ambient to 45ºC
Remote Access Included
Capacity Petri Dishes 20 x 90mm Petri dishes
Porthole System Instant Access ports
Gas Supply ANO2/N2
Internal Outlet Available
Storage Tray Available
Inspection Spotlight Available
Single Sample Entry Available
ANO2 Conditions Monitor Available
Data Logging Available
Airlock Cycle Time 20 seconds
Extra Cable Glands Available
Automatic Dehumidification Included
Trolley Available
CO2 Monitoring Available
Vacuum Take Off Available
Touchscreen Control Included

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Whitley Anaerobic Workstations

Whitley Anaerobic Workstations

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Anaerobic Conditions Monitor Animation

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Why Choose Whitley?

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