In the laboratory, Memmert incubators are ideal for all applications with temperatures up to +80°C; and for incubating living cultures at +37°C. Thanks to our precise control technology, critical temperature overshoots are impossible, and valuable loads are carefully warmed up. Temperature is increased within a very narrow control range and kept exactly at the setpoint values.

Our incubators are available with an adjustable air fan
to guarantee optimum air circulation, even when fully loaded. Since the unique all-round surface heating is optimally geared for both natural convection and forced air circulation, the fan can be switched off entirely for sensitive samples. If forced air is required, the fan can be precisely adjusted in 10% increments from 0 to 100%.

Memmert’s incubators feature a unique sterilization cycle because simply disinfecting the chamber is not reliable. To prevent cross-contamination, the entire incubator chamber, including the ventilation system, water trays and all the sensors can be sterilized with a 4-hour program at 160ºC. The sterilization cycle is only available on Plus models with TwinDISPLAY. Ensuring sterility between loads has never been easier!

Temperature deviations caused by fresh air can influence sample characteristics or prolong drying. In Memmert incubators, fresh air is fed through a pre-heating chamber and seamlessly introduced into the working chamber.

Incubator IF260

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Standard Features

- 8 sizes available: 30 L, 55 L, 75 L , 110 L, 160 L,
260 L, 450 L, 750 L chamber volume
- Adjustable temperature from 30-80ºC
- Stainless steel grids (racks) (1 for 30-55 L size, 2 for
75-750 L sizes)
- Interior made of stainless steel, material 1.4301
(ASTM 304) with all-round deep-drawn ribs to
integrate the large area heating with ceramic-metal
- Hands-free and nearly vibration-free opening of
- Sterilization cycle available on Plus models with TwinDISPLAY.

Incubator IN (with natural convection) and IF (with forced air circulation) are available with SingleDISPLAY. Incubator INplus and IFplus models have TwinDISPLAY.

co2 incubator control panel

SingleDISPLAY Features

- Control and display of temperature, program runtime, fan speed, air flap position, and SetpointWAIT function

- By activating the SetpointWAIT function, the process time does not start before the set temperature is reached at all measuring points, including the optional freely positionable PT100 sensors inside the chamber or load.

- Ethernet connection at rear of incubator





co2 incubator advanced control panel

TwinDISPLAY Features

- All the functions of the SingleDISPLAY but also controls and displays device specific parameters such as humidity as well as graphical display of the program sequence.

- AutoSAFETY integrated temperature monitoring system. AutoSAFETY can be activated to automatically follow the set temperature with a freely selectable tolerance. Individual MIN/MAX values can be set for over/under temperature.

- HeatBALANCE function for application specific adjustment of heating power distribution between the upper and lower heating groups in an adjustment range of -50% to +50%.

- USB port for uploading programs, downloading protocol logs and activating the User-ID function

- Fan speed monitoring (optional)

co2 incubator door operation

AtmoCONTROL Software

AtmoCONTROL software is the newly developed control and logging software for all Memmert Generation 2012 incubators. Simply drag and drop the graphical symbol for the desired parameters to the input field and change the values according to your application. AtmoCONTROL allows users to save the log files in various formats. All TwinDISPLAY incubators are supplied with AtmoCONTROL software on a USB drive. All SingleDISPLAY incubators come with a 90-day test version. The full version can then be purchased if desired.

co2 incubator software


Model Sizes/Description 30 55 75 110 160 260 450 750
Stainless Steel Interior Volume approx. l 32 53 74 108 161 256 449 749
Width mm 400 400 400 560 560 640 1040 1040
Height mm 320 400 560 480 720 800 720 1200
Depth (less 39mm for fan) mm 250 330 330 400 400 500 500 600
Stainless Steel Grids (standard equipment) number 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
Max number of grids number 3 4 6 5 8 9 8 14
Max loading per grid kg 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Max loading of chamber kg 60 80 120 175 210 300 300 300
Textured Stainless Steel exterior Width mm 585 585 585 745 745 824 1224 1224
Height (size 450, 750 with castors) mm 707 787 947 867 1107 1186 1247 1726
Depth (with door handle), door handle + 56mm mm 434 514 514 584 584 684 784 784
Further Data Power consumption at 230V / 115V, 50/60Hz ~ W 800 1000 1250 1400 1600 1700 1800 2000
Working temperature range °C min. 5K(IN/IN Plus) 10K(IF/IF Plus) above ambient temperature up to +80 °C
Setting temperature range °C +20 to +80
Setting Accuracy K 0.1
Packing Data Net weight approx kg 44 55 64 72 80 96 160 192
Gross weight (packed in carton) approx kg 55 67 76 86 96 114 185 242
Width ~cm 69 70 70 83 83 93 134 134
Height ~cm 86 94 111 104 127 134 141 189
Depth ~cm 66 73 73 79 79 89 99 99

Options & Accessories

Entry Port 23 mm diameter for introducing connections at the side, can be closed by flap and silicone stopper. Standard positions: Left center, left top, right center, right top

Other port Available in 23 mm, can be closed by flap. Can be located on left side, right side or rear of unit

Other port Available in 14 mm, 38 mm, 57 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm diameter. Can be closed by flap, located on rear of unit

Additional PT100 Temperature probe Can be positioned flexibly in chamber or load, for local temperature measurement. (max. 1 for SingleDISPLAY units, max. 3 for TwinDISPLAY units)

Interior Lighting 15 W for sizes 30-260 L, 2 x 15 W for 450 and 750 L sizes

Interior Socket Interior socket can only be ordered with limited temperature range up to max. +70ºC

Perforated stainless steel shelves Full width

Additional stainless steel grids (racks) Full width

Stainless steel tray Non-perforated, 15 mm rim, may affect temperature distribution

Bottom drip tray May affect temperature distribution

Wall Bracket Tubular frame for wall mounting

Calibration certificate for 3 temperatures +37ºC, +52ºC and +70ºC

Fan speed monitoring Optional, only for IFplus models

IQ/OQ Services Available Please contact us to discuss your validation needs

4-20 mA current loop interface (0-90ºC corresponds to 4-20 mA) Temperature controller actual value; temperature of a PT100 sensor positioned flexibly in chamber