Fill up to 900 plates per hour
Agar Petri Dish Filler

MediaFill Automatic Plate Pourer

We are proud to introduce MediaFill™; the new plate pourer from Systec. MediaFill is the perfect companion to the popular MediaPrep line of automated media sterilizers. Connect MediaFill to MediaPrep™ and you have completely closed and sterile walk-away system for media preparation and plate pouring.

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Save Valuable Time

MediaFill can pour standard 90 mm, 60 mm and up 26 mm deep dishes. With a processing rate of up to 900 plates per hour, MediaFill provides valuable time saving with reliable efficiency. Three different carousel sizes are available: 220, 440 and 600 plates, unlike the MediaJet, which only has two carousel sizes.

All carousels have the EasyStack feature which allows users to load and unload a carousel full of plates. Transferring filled dishes is now fast and easy; after pouring is completed simply remove the carousel with filled dishes and replace with a second carousel full of empty dishes. Unload plates from the carousels at your convenience!

Complete Liquid Media Dispensing System
MediaFill Plate Pourer Touchscreen

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

MediaFill is controlled via an intuitive touch screen interface and includes a database of Petri dish brands to insure reliable operation with your dish supplier of choice. The internal control system allows the user to store up to 99 unique programs which are easily accessed from the touch screen.

The integrated peristaltic pump insures precise filling of media, a second pump is available for simultaneous dispensing of blood or other additives. Both pumps feature Drop-Stop control which prevents dripping of media between dish dispensing. This is an improvement over the MediaJet, which only offers a single pump.

Precise and Accurate Tube Filling

The MediaFill can be used as a tubefiller and in less than 30 seconds, it can switch from plate pouring to tube filling. The MediaFill plate pourer, in tube filling mode, can accommodate four racks of 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30mm diameter tubes.

  • 13 mm 6 x 15 = 90 tubes/rack
  • 16 mm 5 x 12 = 60 tubes/rack
  • 20 mm 4 x 10 = 40 tubes/rack
  • 25 mm 3 x 8 = 24 tubes/rack
  • 30 mm 3 x 7 = 21 tubes/rack
Systec MediaFill Tubefiller
Petri Dish Pouring Rotor assembly

Quality Manufacturing and Advanced Features

MediaFill is manufactured with a frictionless glass ring and stepper motors for silent and precise operation. The smooth aluminum surface is easy to clean with no holes or gaps where media can flow into. Shaft seals are installed on every moving axis to avoid agar penetration into the internal components of the machine. MediaFill also utilizes a UV lamp with 2.3 W UVC light emission ensuring sterile dispensing.

Innovative features include Peltier cooling for reducing plate condensation, shaker function for improved distribution of media into Petri dishes, connection to Imaje inkjet printer for direct printing on the sides of dishes (no more labels!), Ethernet connection for remote monitoring / control from a PC and optional pager function which alerts the operator via wireless pager of completed cycles and other events. This feature is unique to the MediaFill, as MediaJet and other plate pourers do not offer ethernet connection or remote monitoring.


Mediafill Stack 220 Stack 440 Stack 600
Length (mm) 683 683 683 683
Width (mm) 662 662 662 662
Height (mm) 348 410 760 1110
Diameter (mm) 566 566 566
Overall Height (mm) 800 1140 1500
Max Petri dish stacking height (mm) 330 680 1030
Petri dish diameter (mm) 90 90 90
Petri dish height (mm) 12 to 26 12 to 26 12 to 26
Capacity (height of Petri dishes - 16.5mm) 220 440 600
Weight (kg/lbs) 37.5 / 82.5 44.4 / 98 45.9 / 101 47.4 / 104
Stacker (without Petri dishes) 6.9 / 15.2 8.4 / 18.5 9.9 / 21.8


Systec MediaFill Laminar Flow Hood

MediaFill Clean Bench

Custom designed for MediaFill to insure a sterile filling process.

Systec MediaFill carousels

Additional Carousels

MediaFill carousel with capacity of 440 dishes - Available for 100mm, 60mm or 35mm (diameter) dishes

MediaFill carousel with capacity of 600 dishes - Available for 100mm (diameter) dishes

Systec MediaFill Additives Pump

Second Pump

MediaFill allows for the control of a second, integrated pump unit. This accessory is for mixing additives such as blood into the agar immediately before pouring the plates, minimizing thermal denaturation of the additive.

MediaPro Petri Dishes

MediaPro Petri Dishes

High quality plates designed for optimal performance in automated plate filling machines, including the MediaFill Plate Pourer.

MediaPro 15 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 100mm x 15mm

MediaPro 25 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 100mm x 25mm

MediaPro 60 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 60mm x 15mm

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Plate Cooling

The optional Peltier cooling device is built directly into the surface of the filling chamber and accelerates the solidification of agar helping to minimize condensation.

Software Option

This software module allows users to connect MediaFill to a PC to download all filling process data.

Remote Monitoring

For true-walk-away functionality, MediaFill will page users if a problem occurs, or at the end of a cycle run when user intervention is required.

Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel cart accommodates MediaFill plate pourer, includes storage shelf andcaster wheels. Can be custom built to client specifications.