EZ-Mix 400 is the new generation of lab blenders, silent, easy-to-use, with LED indicator lights. With advanced features, and truly silent blending, it is adapted to all kinds of applications and a guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction. It is a great tool for lab analyses avoiding risks of cross-contamination. EZ-Mix 400 is suitable for samples up to 40g and is available with a plain front or window front.

Super Silent Blending
Truly silent blending, allows you to enjoy a conversation or phone call while blending! The double layer polycarbonate window and noise cancelling casing mean the EZ-Mix 400 operates at less than 48 db. Great stability is ensured with Paulstra antivibration feet.

Easy Cleaning
Total Access System facilitates easy cleaning with total opening of the door for full access of the blender chamber. LiquidSensor ensures immediate stop of blending in the event of a liquid leak and Click & Clean paddles are removable for easy and thorough cleaning.

Quick Homogenizing of Samples
Optimal bacterial extraction in only 60 seconds. Adjustable blending power to accommodate any sample type.

Multi-functional screen for easy control. New LightCode System indicates the blending process: Green for ready, orange for blending and red for leak detected. Heavy duty 180 Watts brushless motor.

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Lab Blender

EZ Mix 400P, plain door, fixed speed, stainless steel

Lab Blender

EZ Mix 400W, window door, fixed speed, drip tray

Lab Blender

EZ Mix 400CC, window door, variable speed, Adj paddles, drip tray

Lab Blender

EZ Mix 400S, Plain door, Variable speed,LED in chamber

Lab Blender

EZ Mix 400SW, Window door, Variable speed,LED in chamber


  • Super silent homogenizing, less than 48 db
  • Optimal bacterial extraction
  • Only 60 seconds to homogenize a sample
  • Adjustable blending power, adapted to any kind of sample
  • Total Access System for easy cleaning
  • LiquidSensor: immediate stop in case of liquid leak
  • Click & Clean removable paddles
  • Integrated security drip tray
  • Q-Tight closing with 250 kg pressure to avoid bag leaks from the top
  • All stainless steel
  • Multi-functional screen for easy control
  • LightCode System: indicates the blending process stage
  • Side-by-side paddle stop for easy insertion of the bag
  • Available with plain or window front
Lab Stomacher


Useful volume: 50 - 400 mL
Silent blending: Less than 48 db
Power: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight: 26 kg
Dimensions: 45 x 29 x 37 cm
Blending Time: 1 sec - 1 hour, or open running
Adjustable Blending Power: Soft /Standard/Strong with up to 28 kg max pressure/paddle
Adjustable blending speed: Slow - 4 strokes/sec ; Medium - 6 strokes/sec ; Standard - 8 strokes/sec ; Quick - 10 strokes/sec


Bag Rack 400 - Bag storage rack to organize your samples

BagClip - Closing clips to secure your bags

BagSeal - Thermal sealing unit for your sample bags