EZ-CHROM* Enterobacteria is a chromogenic medium for the detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae. Product can be ordered as 20 prepared plates, or 5L Packs (sufficient base powder & supplement to make 5 liters of Agar) of powdered media.

EZ-CHROM Enterobacteria

The Enterobacteriaceae and coliform bacteria within this family represent two of the most common groups of indicator organism used by the food industry. In some countries, depending on regulatory requirements, the food industry has moved towards testing for Enterobacteriaceae.

The ISO 21528 specifies a method for the enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae, applicable to products intended for human consumption, feeding of animals, and environmental samples using VRBG as culture medium.

Unlike with VRBG, with EZ-CHROM Enterobacteria you can easily differentiate E. coli from the rest of Enterobacteriaceae by the color. E. coli will be read as blue with or without a blue halo, all other Enterobacteriaceae will appear as pink or red, and all gram positive bacteria are inhibited.

The intense colored colonies on a clear agar background facilitate the reading, contrary to VRBG where the smoked background allows little contrast.